Switching meds

I am switching from chlorpromazine to Latuda and I am terrified I haven’t switched meds in six years and I don’t remember it being awful but then the medication wasn’t as successful in treating me so it didn’t make much difference. Chlorpromazine was like a lightbulb moment it’s been amazing but my medication has caused Parkinson’s, I have read that reducing can’t make the tremor worse and permanent, I do not know if I will deteriorate because I do not respond well to atypicals, never have.

I am basically withdrawing over the summer holidays between my second and third year of training as an acupuncturist just to give me a chance to get the tremor gone, I get other symptoms like slurred speech and spams so it would be great if they all go.

But I am worried I will basically go more crazy and then tremors won’t matter because I’ll be off my rocker and not be able to continue my training anyway. But i have been given no other option, I tried prociclidene but I basically acted like a drunk on it. Made my speech illegible and

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Best of luck with the med change.

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Latuda is good stuff. Maybe having atleast 1 antipsychotic in your system will alleviate the withdrawal symptoms. I can’t remember ever doing that. Good luck.

I am sorry it posted before I finished writing! I am just worried basically, I wanted to ask if anyone has recommendations on habits or monitoring I could do while I reduce to keep an eye on myself and also distractions that help you when swapping meds? Up for anything, I really want this to work I am just scared of the possibilities of deterioration.

Thank you the best! I have heard good things I am reducing chlorpromazine while adding Latuda because I couldn’t get below 50mg reduction of chlorpromazine on my own so this my option to get off it so i Hope it is easier

Thank you very much

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I have used Chlorpromazine for many years, and the only problems I have had is weight gain and a horrible tiredness behind my eyes.
Hopefully your Parkinsons will get better when you are on Latuda.

Thank you I had literally no problem with it until the last year, even then I think it is because they added aripiprazole on top I stopped taking that quickly but I have been left with symptoms and have not recovered. I wouldnt be changing if it wasn’t for this I have been very happy on chlorpromazine. It really suck ps but I am hoping Latuda helps

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