Latuda lowered

Has anyone lowered their latuda?

How did it go?

Any withdrawal?

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I had some pretty bad withdrawal from Latuda.

Shakes and tremors were the worst.

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I am going off of it. Taking about 10 mg a day now. Was on 80. No problems. Tomorrow is my last day on it. Fingers crossed.


Wonderful to hear.

I’m lowering from 80 mg to 40 mg.
Do you cut the tablet in half?
Because in Australia 40 mg is as low as it go.

Yes. I have 20s right now.

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Mine was lowered, I think I was on 50 or near that mark maybe a wee bit more, maybe 60. I got down to 20 and I’m feeling better. Everyones different you know so maybe something will pop up for ya, but it was a fair shake for me coming down. Doctor and I did it gradual no rushing it.

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