Late Bloomers

I was feeling a little depressed about not having achieved much success yet by my standards at the age of 42. Then, I looked over the Wikipedia page on late bloomers.

Maybe someone else will find it encouraging too.


I’ve always been a late bloomer but I’m starting to hit my stride now as I’m entering my return of Saturn. @Anna said late bloomers are less likely to be depressed later


I don’t know what it’s going to take for me to get in gear. I need to make changes but I’m too stuck in my habits.

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I think the true greats don’t worry about when they bloom. They just always know deep down that eventually they will. They wait for time to catch up to them and not the other way around.


Your writing is on point @Futomimi


@YayaC Thanks. That was nice to hear.


I think my 2 favorite CEO’s Paul Travers and Dr. Fan of Vuzix and Kopin are examples of that. They seem to have been preparing for the world to catch up for 18 to 33 years, respectively.


Very helpful, thank you. Definitely ‘behind’ many people I grew up with. Chose an old-school path (SAHM) and won’t re-enter workforce until many of those people are ready to retire… Might be competing for jobs against their/my oldest kids, even. Nothing makes me feel like more of a late bloomer than ‘starting life’ a good 2.5 decades later than most my age. 🤷 But besides that, I always feel like my brain developed slower- maturity, responsibility, and intellectually speaking.


I seriously doubt there is anything in your life you want to do that you can’t accomplish. You just have to be smart about it. Work hard but also take care of yourself first.

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Life is a relay race with no winners. For a while I’m ahead, then I’m dead last for a bit while some others take the lead… then I’m on a roll again. “That’s life… You may be riding high on Monday / Shot down in May / But I won’t ever change my tune / When I’m back on top in the month of June…” Late bloomers develop more thoroughly, maybe, but I still despise elitism. No one is better or worse than anyone else.

I don’t think anyone on this thread was promoting elitism.

No one said that they believed that anyone ‘deserve[ed] influence or authority greater than that of others.’

It is a hard fact that each of us faces when given the option to make a financial purchase though: Some people have (notice, not necessarily ‘deserve’) more influence than others. If a guy can afford to buy a $40,000 car cash and I can’t, he has more monetary influence than me. I didn’t say he deserved it, but it’s a fact I have to face.

If you don’t like discussing those facts, you don’t have to. You make a valid point, though.

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Which was all I intended to do. I usually don’t personalize what I hear or read. Also you are right that I don’t have to read such things to begin with. Sorry if it sounded like I was reacting. It’s something I’m working on.

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Me too.1515151515

The song goes: Riding high in April, shot down in May.

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I am such a late bloomer that I was given time to mess up so many times trying for time to catch me. But by the time I was 25 and I still haven’t bloomed yet, I kind of switched to this mentality. This is how I live by now. Once I turn 25 I started using time as an advantage. I’m not sure if that makes me great or lucky… Probably lucky, but I also do have the potential to be great I think! Now.

Take that back, I’m already great :wink:

Hi. I remembered the David Lee Roth version. Maybe even that I botched?

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