Mature in some ways and really immature in other ways

Anyone else feel like they’re like this?

Man occasionally I’ll feel all grown up. For the most part though I don’t feel that way.

It’s not necessarily maturity or immaturity. More capability for me.

You’ll be bouncing back and forth between this for another decade at least from what I’ve seen.

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Are you in your late 20s?

Yeah. The people who are 26/7 that I’ve met this year all end up agreeing that we’re going through the same ■■■■ and having the same realizations. All independently. It takes a long time to grow up. Probably never stops. The world is so complex. People and society are especially complex. How to see the self is complex. Gotta continuously reconfigure all of that understanding because none of it is set in stone.

I don’t know many people beyond the age of 30 who really talk about the self very much. It might just become a private thing. As time goes on the internal understanding is complex to really share with anyone beyond some general levels.

Will find out and give you a heads up when the time comes.

The human condition. We develop along certain paths. And usually only along the ones we can see are there.

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That triggered a lot of thinking here.

Paths laid out by our parents and other elders.

Paths developed by our own insights in the future self.

I think the more of these paths you can “see” the longer it will take for you to derive yourself, but also the better off you’re going to be.