is now a pile of crap

Hadn’t used it for a while to find desktop player has been replaced by a web based beta player. 50% of time it won’t open at all using firefox or IE and 50% of the rest of the time won’t play due to a “Muse connection error” (whatever that is). Over the years changes have been made and not for the better.
It’s such a shame as it used to be a good way of listening to a wide variety of music.

spotify . record companies probably ruined

Tried spotify for a short while a while back.(the free version) , didn’t like it. The current premium version at £9.99 a month is too pricey.

I’m a very happy subscriber at I’ve been tempted to try Google Play, but the truth is that I’m loathe to turn my back on a service that has worked so well for me up until now. I also enjoy the cloudcasts at quite a bit as well, and it’s where I publish my own mixes.


Looked at it, again the premium price is too high. What variety of stations do you get with the free version?

Never tried Last.FM. I Use RDio which is great for full albums. Then there’s Spotify, which I also use for full albums and they have a radio feature I’ve been starting to use, then there’s the oldie which is purely radio based. You can’t listen to a specific song or album, but rather make radio stations based on a certain song, album, or artist.

With you can add as many artists/songs to your station as you would like to offer more variety or just let them randomly pick tunes for you, they also have a thumbs up and down feature so if you don’t like a song you can thumbs down it and it will stop and skip to the next song. I’ve noticed with Spotfiy radio it has a similar feature, and will make a playlist of your thumbs up songs, but I don’t know what will happen if you hit thumbs down, so far I hadn’t have to. Spotify is $9.99, Pandora is like 4.99, or 6.99 I can’t remember at the moment, and RDio is also $9.99.

I used Pandora. The user interface is a little rudimentary, but does it’s jobs well. I just checked and the premium is 5 bucks a month. I use the free version and there are ads and only allows so many skips. To search and play an individual song, I use Grooveshark

I don’t think RDIO has a free version. I find their subscription model to be very affordable compared to buying music.


I listen to sites that are like radio improved for the internet.

(They all have phone/tablet apps available also.)

I never liked I’d put in a band name and instead of playing them it would play some crap no-name band. I just youtube these days.