Lamotrogine is make me feel like ass

I’m convinced this shitty mood stabaliser is making me feel worse.

Anyone here take it and feel good?

I am like a zombie with it?

I haven’t seen any positive change so far while I’m on it.

I started on 25mg 6 weeks ago, then each week increased my dose by 25mg. I take six pills as of now but in less then two weeks I should be at the dose my doctors want me on.

They also said that some people don’t feel any good effects until after they reach their full dose. So far I’m pretty discouraged though.

I’m sick of being on pill after pill, haven’t found any that work for me in years.

Does it help you at all? What dose are you on and how long have you been taking it?


Hey canadian doll @valiumprincess are u on antipsychotic …!!!


I don’t think it really does anything for me either. But experiencing no SE from it. I’m only taking 100 mg. I want to get rid of it and rely on the other bunch of pills I take, too many pills.

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Not right now. I’ve tried different ones throughout the years. Now I’m trying an anti convulsant as a mood stabilizer, this is the second anti convulsant I’ve been put on.

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