Lamictal(Limotrigine) to treat intrusive thoughts

I’m on limotrigine(25mg) to treat intrusive thoughts about suicide and to give me a energy boost. How much time it takes to start to work? And dosage is this low because I’m already on lithium?

All my medications: Lithium 900mg/day, Olanzapine 15mg/day and Limotrigine 25mg/day.

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I’m on lithium and lamotrigine too.

It can takes weeks I think.
I take 150 mg lamotrigine .
400 mg lithium.

Hi @KisuYami
My doctor is keeping me on a low dose of Lamictal, just 25mg.

This is because I’m also taking Depakote and there is an interaction between these 2 drugs, so I have to remain on a low dose.

Lamotrigine is a slow acting drug.

It took me a couple of months before it started helping with my depression.

I agree, 25mg of Lamictal is a bit activating.
It’s difficult for me to fall asleep.

Overall it’s a good drug though.

Good luck with it.


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Welcome to the forum and I find lamictal helps a lot with intrusive thought anxiety and my depressive episodes it’s a great med without it I’d be probably dead tbh

Thanks to everybody that wellcomed me.