What do you take for mood stabilizer?

I’m currently on Geodon 40 am 80 pm
Wellbutrin 150 mg am

I have intense intrusive thoughts. Every single day. L-Theanine was working but I think it has lost it’s effectiveness after 2 years. I’m surviving on 1 mg xanax in the mornings, it’s lasting 8 hours, it’s helping a bit but I can’t live like this.

Wednesday is my doc. I have Zoloft and Depakote in mind.

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I take 300mg lithium 2x/day. It really helps with stabilizing my mood. It’s good stuff. I notice I drink a little more water while taking it though, because it’s a salt.(I think?)

Have you gained weight?

A little, but it’s more just muscle that has turned into fat from not exercising as much. I don’t like being like skin and bones though, it’s not the business. I’m a healthy weight and I am happy with it.

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Okay I will add Lithium to the list. I tried Gabapentin and it made me worse.

Ask your doctor and give it a shot if they give the OK. Works for me :slightly_smiling_face:

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I have racing negative thoughts every single day. It’s ruining my life. I need something to stop it.

If you’re coming off L-theanine 1200mg then taper off it over a period of time otherwise you’ll go bananas/psychotic.

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Yeah on the days I don’t take L-Theanine, I sleep 4-5 hours only very lightly. It’s improving my sleep although not stopping my racing thoughts.

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I’m on Depakote, 500mg twice a day. They were gonna put me on Tegretol originally but my sodium levels were too low for it. I’m also on Lexapro 10mg.

I quit Lexapro, it did nothing for me. But How do you like Depakote? Do you have intrusive thoughts?

My intrusive thoughts, which generally involved me thinking of different ways to commit suicide, lessened a great deal on Depakote. My weight, on the other hand, has increased a great deal. But it’s worth the trade off to not have the police pulling me off the overpass again.

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