Ladies! What's the worst part of your period?

Just as every month I started my period Thursday and today I was thinking gosh I really hate my period and how I have cramps and the IUD makes them hurt a bit worse but they are tolerable still at least! I remember my first period happened in the middle of Walmart and doubled me over it was awful… So the worst part about my period is the cramps, what about y’all?

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I’m gonna barge in your ladies safe space.
I know everything about Period. I grew up with 3 sisters and a mom. =)
Just joking - but i do know the worst part for my sisters.


That bloated feeling as if you have gained a stone in weight. Thankfully it is all over for me now.


@Kxev What was the worst for them?

@Sarah yeah that is rough but fortunately for me I don’t always feel bloated but I always have cramps


Worst for them was seeing them in a fetal position on the crouch. =(
For me their mood change. =(

Also my girlfriends at work would complain of cramps.

I’m lucky, I don’t really get bad symptoms. In fact, I don’t even get them regularly, I think because of my implant. I was always light before anyway. I feel sorry for the rest of the female population to be honest.

The worst part is the hygiene and mess and worrying about it seeping through my clothes so that everybody can see.

At the moment it’s knowing I’m not pregnant.

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Yea I can get pretty emotional sometimes. I relate to that. Or like more aggressive


Mood swings, symptoms worsen…
And the amount of blood. Sometimes I can get up a couple times a night to change pads, and still have soaked through by the time my alarm rings.

The worst part for me is the dizziness from blood loss. I have a blood disorder as it is, so I don’t have much to lose.

The second day when it’s at its heaviest and is messy

I hated the whole experience. I would get, literally, psychotic PMS. I would do something that would get me committed and, lo and behold, I’d start my period a couple days after being in the hospital. I’m so glad I got “spayed” a couple years ago!

Worst part? Mine last for 5 weeks, 1 week off, then the next one starts. My IUD helps keep the periods away, though, now.

And, there’s one other thing, that ties with the long periods… I have PMDD (premenstrual dysphoric disorder). It’s a much more intense version of PMS (premenstrual syndrome). Basically, before each period, and a during the first few days, I completely lose my mind and become suicidal.

The worst part is having one, I got the DEPO shot.

My girlfriend take some medication it causes her to get yeast infections really bad and my daughter’s medication thanks her cycle 5 days long

Can someone please explain to me why threads directed at us ladies ALWAYS have to be about our menstrual cycles? Don’t we have anything more interesting to talk about between ourselves?

Yes i agree! Im not even a girl yet at this particular point…haha just kidding!

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@SkinnyMe it is because people who are looking for advice on menstruation are typically only looking to ask people who have experienced it.

Most topics that we discuss on here can be equally discussed by everyone, so they aren’t specifically singled out for women to respond.