Lack of auditory hallucinations

The psychiatrist and social workers I’ve been seeing think I have schizophrenia and I have been started on medication despite them being unsure. I know the possible diagnosis cannot be confirmed online, but I’m particularly curious about a few aspects of it which the professionals have been unable to answer.

I have mainly visual hallucinations and rarely auditory ones (only my name, mumbles and bangs every few days). Would it still be considered schizophrenia? I also have unusual beliefs and find communication difficult. I do well in school but it seems like I think differently to others, and I find it a struggle to do well when I’m constantly dealing with this.

It has worsened from as early as I can remember until now, at age 16. I’ve heard that it starting so early is uncommon and it makes me doubt whether I have it considering other factors such as the lack of auditory hallucinations and success in school.

Thank you so much to everyone who commented.

It’s completely possible to have schizophrenia without auditory hallucinations. For example, I have primarily visual hallucinations.

Trust your treatment team and don’t doubt their diagnosis. Accepting it is the only way to recover.




The symptoms of schizophrenia can very greatly. There are many different types of schizophrenia. There are certain hallmarks and if you meet specific criteria you are considered schizophrenic. Auditory hallucinations is only one of the criteria. The fact that you have visual hallucinations, communication difficulties, and by unusual beliefs I am assuming you mean delusions then it does sound like it is possible. However, the only people qualified to tell you if you are schizophrenic are health care professionals. If you are uncertain, you could consider getting a second opinion.

I know you are probably scared. Schizophrenia is a difficult diagnosis to get. Just know that if it is schizophrenia, after finding the proper medications, you can still lead a productive and happy life.


I was diagnosed at 13 and others have been diagnosed much younger. While it is uncommon it does happen. I never had auditory hallucinations. I’m starting to hear voices now that I’m older but I always had the visuals, tactile, and delusions. I also had hallucinations that don’t really have a class. I told my pdoc that the demon I see would scream in my face. I couldn’t hear him, but telepathically I knew exactly what he was saying and could feel his presence and how angry he was. My pdoc said that was still a hallucination. I could also feel his presence whenever he was standing next to me along with seeing him. It was scary times when I was very psychotic. That same pdoc said it was probably scarier to see things then to hear voices. Good luck to you and trust your treatment team. :sunny:

Most of my hallucinations are “In my head” mainly being visual I guess. I do have autidory, but I hear it in my head and not with my ears. I consider them hallucinations because I cannot control them. I do not say when they show up (like daydreaming). I cannot control what they say or show me like one might with a day dream.