L glutathione

Anyone know any supplements that increases L glutathione? (Besides NAC)

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I recommend that you go to a neurologist with your condition and hope to get help.
Psychiatrists are useless because they don’t understand how the brain works.


Neurologist diagnosed me with chronic migraines, pineal cyst, sleep paralysis, and hypnogogic hallucinations. Gave me topamax. I lost a lot of weight but got paranoid.


Im just trying to raise my l gluthathion levels.


Yes, perfect, thanks @TheBest

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If you’re taking, or planning on taking, glutathione… make sure it is in liposomal form, because otherwise it will be destroyed in the stomach. I recommend Liposomal Glutathione by Researched Nutritionals©, or S-Acetyl Glutathione by Xymogen©.

I read somewhere that it is available in capsules form.

Glutathione capsules are available. They aren’t necessarily absorbed very well.

Glutathione comes in 3 forms; oral, sublingual and IV. Oral form is useless because it is broken down before it can be effective. IV is most effective because it is put directly into the bloodstream. Sublingual COULD be effective, but it depends entirely on the manufacturer making a form which is rapidly absorbed.

It is poorly-absorbed unless taken as liposomal or S-acetyl-L-glutathione.

glutax and tatiomax injections have glutathione

lol - well I must admire the ingenuity of your neurologist! Did their /them come to this diagnosis with the help of a MRI or just based on symptomology?
I guess the pineal gland is supposed to be associated with DMT which could cause hallucinations so maybe the neurologist was on to something. and may have been trying to assist with your symptoms as per this article below.

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NAC breaks down into glutathione. Also taking it with ALA ( alpha Lipoic Acid) is recommended as it is a co- factor. NAC oral availability is atrocious (as is Glutathione) somewhere around 4-9% so sublingual is advised as per @InnerCircle (under the tongue through the mucus membranes and also bypassing first pass metabolism in the liver) or better yet IV or easier IM.

Most glutathione injectables come standard with ALA.

Super useful as Glutathione is the master antioxidant in the body and also useful as a anti cancer prophylactic.

NB You can in fact take NAC and Gluthathione orally you just have to minimize breakdown in the gut (taking it on an empty stomach and possibly after antacids to minimize hydrochloric acid/gastric in the stomach ) and have to take large quantities spread out during the day. This is generally a pain to do and is not sustainable. Also applies to sublingual so if you are serious you are best to talk to your doc and ask for IV/IM .

@InnerCircle the liposomal form factor sounds good - have you experienced it yourself compared to oral/subL non liposomal?

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