Korea-US research team finds new cause of schizophrenia


We need a genetic treatment for sz.

Cool. I don’t understand it. But cool.


So What’s The Cause.

I Don’t Read Scientific Or Medical Studies. i Don’t Have The Patience For That Type Of Bloodlust. I’d Rather Feel Contentment, Happiness, Friendship, And Love.

Medical Teams Talking About Thus Or That, Causing Hurt And Pain Isn’t My Cup Of Vampire.

Sadly, I Have To Give Blood. I Really Don’t Need Too. But!, My Blood Must Be Tasty. . .

Point Is, Whoever Read The Article Jus Sum It Up For Me.


I Can Find The Keypoints And Fix The Problem Myself. . .

Hope, True Love, Joy, And Eternal Peace!.

P.s. I Do Take My Med’s…, So Find Something Else To Judge. . . . . . .

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I dig it. Good one!

This is. So. Dam. Cool.

Thank you very much for sharing. I’ll be following this closely.

The finding was that there are mutations of the brain tissue, not of the germ cells that pass genes from parents to children. In addition to the Korean researchers, the Stanley Institute is in the US and is well respected.
That’s how I read it.


KAIST is the leading research-focused institute in Korea. You need to be extremely intelligent to get into that school. It’s very prestigious and has a lot of people with great intellect.

If a school in Korea could find a cause to sz, it would be KAIST or Pohang University of Science and Technology.


Long way to go…

Only,wait a few days and you will read another article be published about a new different cause for this sz !

In all cases,you won’t know the real existential cause or the functional cause of sz from the scientific researches,because they can not give a clear answer about the basic nature of the sz condition as it as in itself and as be felt /perceived by the person inside himself !

This is less and refers regarding the inventions of the causes for SZ !

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