Knock Knock (A Poem)

Feels like I’m,
Knocking on heavens door,
But the,
Stairway to heaven,
Is just a highway to hell,
Where I’m from.


Knock Knock

Who’s There?.

Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris Who?.

Chuck Norris, I Already Told You His Last Name


Very clever. I like it.

Thank you, thank you.

You like the multi (sorta) syllable rhymes ?

Hea-ven’s door
Where-I’m from

I’m trying to get to 7 at some point, but its hella hard.

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Knock Knock / Who’s There?
Who Cares? It could be Jenny from the Block, it could be Johannes Sebastian Bach, it could be Flava Flav with his huge clock it could be Pamela Anderson just don’t gawk put away your strap, jock, talk the walk and leave 'em in shock rhymezone getting words in with a metaphorical squawk in this airlock while I make the Flintstones babes beds rock like bangkok just put the ginger and onion in the oil on the frying wok while I take yummy stock and you search for clues like sherlock at the dotted line my poem ends with my john hancock… OTL

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OTL, your raps are pretty clever.

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