A poem I wrote a few years ago

The golden door. I approach a door so golden all but at its sides. Where it meets with nothing, I cannot go beside. It’s frame is made of wood and reminds me of its keeper. It’s not reflected in the price or makes it any cheaper. Where it leads is wonder though somewhere in space and time. No one knows for certain except those who are on high. The hinges are not of gold. they are of polished brass. This Ensures they will not take away and that they will surely last. On the door is a deep design also from the keeper. It reminds you of the finer things and the needs of those who are weaker. The keeper is always on my mind and protects me from a deceiver. This is why he prevents me and forbids me to be the receiver. I fear it in my body right down to my very core. For what could be waiting beyond that golden door. I seek it, I see it, it’s within my very grasp. open the door and fury, will surely come to pass. Though the mind is not wicked. it’s twisted and distraught, To confusion and delusion it’s painful to have a thought. Though my mind is burdened, filled with rapid thought. I understand for certain it will end my endless jaunt. It’s to be wished by those who are afflicted. Its no wonder why the they are so many gifted. If we are adrift with in the sea of life. Why is it you would put a stop to what is right. Why must I put up this fight. The threats from you plages me day and night. Why did you put your pen to paper and force me on a path that is safer. Causing me to Endure the worst of nature. Written by Joe


I removed your last name to protect your anonymity.

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Your awesome thanks

I like the imagery, well done :slight_smile:

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