Knee surgery in 16 hours ..Otherwise tomorrow at 7:45AM


Tore my minscus again. I gotta be more careful stepping off my porch…


Good luck with the surgery. Hope it all goes well. :chipmunk::chipmunk::chipmunk:


Hope you have a speedy recovery :sunny:


Good luck @sweldon001!


I had knee surgery myself, got a wicked scar to prove it! Good luck with yours, remember not to eat before surgery I think?


Hope it goes well and heals soon!


Hope all goes well and you recover quickly!


Good luck tomorrow!


Good luck with your surgery and I hope you recover quickly.


Rooting for you! Are you nervous at all? What does recovery look like? Who is taking you? Will you have help in coming weeks? @sweldon001


Sending healing thoughts. Hope all goes well with the surgery.


Wishing you a speedy recovery.


Yes , Very nervous. ABout 2 week to recover. My gals taking me . My gal and her son will be helping me thru it .


absolutely right. no food after midnight.


You’ll do great! Two weeks will have long days, but I’m hoping it will go by fast! I’m so glad you have help!


I hope the surgery goes well. Wishing you a speedy and safe recovery!


surgery is done. feeling alot better


Are you home resting?


I’m glad you made it through no problems


I’m glad it went well for you!!!