Knee surgery in 16 hours ..Otherwise tomorrow at 7:45AM


Your very brave to undergo surgery. Get well soon


Glad to hear it went well. I had a subflex meniscus tear. I was on the table for only a half hour. But if I don’t watch how I twist it it will let me know. 6 months later it’s still getting better and better.

Edit: please do the exercises. They were a life saver.


yup at home, but semi resting


How are you feeling today? Can you take pains meds or do they interfere with your psych meds?


So far I’ve only taken 1/2 of a pain pill with luckily no adverse affect on psych meds :slight_smile: It Norco 5/325 Tylenol mixture. Minor hallucination of black shadow creature attacking the painful area of knee thru out night thought, well I guess I have had minor psych issues with drug not fully bad though.


Great you aren’t in too much pain! Bummer about the hallucination.

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