KInd of odd

I’ve never been suspended here and you wouldn’t think I would get flagged very often but I was looking at my history and about four or five months ago I had a string of flagged posts. About ten in a short period, maybe more. It’s weird. I haven’t been flagged in awhile though.


you just need to try harder, be controversial or something lol


Hell, I advised @velociraptor to be sarcastic and sardonic only 97% of the time instead of 98% of the time. How much more controversial can I get than that?

It happens. Some people seem to get pissed off at certain people through paranoia or just because and go on a campaign to flag. Your doing better than me as I’ve been suspended a few times. You play the game hard you do the time! :slight_smile: . I think It’s been a while since I’ve been flagged.

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