Back from my first suspension, my thoughts

I thought the mods were fair and I have no complaints about my 24 hour suspension. Moving forward, when certain members annoy me I will keep my thoughts to myself and not reply. I want to apologize to anyone that I might have rubbed the wrong way with my comments.



No suspensions here but I have been flagged a bunch of times and deserved every one of those flags.

It is great that you have a good attitude about it. Glad to see you back.

I have always found the Mods to be fair as well.


@ThePickinSkunk - Thanks Skunky!


No worries yo. We can all lose our cool at times. Were human!


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@LevelJ1 - Thanks dude!

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[ Sir Level gets the stinkeye from the forum cyborg ]



Are you serious?

Also just back from the same suspension you got.

I’m not mad about that,

But I’m not happy with how things are going around here.

Goddamn sure not apologizing.


What aren’t you happy about around here? Just curious.

I’ve been suspended a few times and have deserved it more than I’ve gotten it.

I just don’t like how that particular scenario went down.

In addition to the general climate of the forum lately.

@Charles_Foster - Sorry you feel that way. Maybe take a break from the forum if you dont like it here?


I keep thinking things will go back to how they were or get better.

I need support too.

I’m Canadian, we apologize a lot… lol. @Charles_Foster

I try to not get into arguments on the forum thats prob how ive avoided suspensions lol. I get the odd flag for probably crude humor but i try to keep it pg13 :grin:

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More tongue when I bite your ankle from now on?

Sorry for failing you.



Closing as this is not going to end well.

But I will say that we will be taking steps to correct what caused that instance. You are not the only annoyed ones,but we do ask that when annoyed you flag things or reach out to one of us.