Kind of miss my parents

I kind of miss my parents, they blocked me on Facebook three months ago and haven’t so much of a happy birthday, happy thanksgiving or Merry Christmas. They tried to make me choose between them and my partner. My parents are both mentally ill and refuse meds. My dad also has COPD and according to my mom my dad only has months to live but they said that before 6 years ago.

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I’m so sorry to hear about your parents making you choose. That must be tough. I never had to do that. My parents never liked it but they never made me choose, fortunately. Today I choose celibacy because women never made me happy. (Men didn’t either).

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how sad for you @cbbrown that’s not fair !!

That sounds like a difficult situation.

I had a friend whozzz bf had piercings and tattoos and blue hair etc and her mother initially hated him and told her to choose.

They did not speak for a few months but now years later they seem to adore him and thanks to him they have grandchildren now.

I tried breaking up with family when I was really delusional about them but we still have contact.

Wishing you to heal that relationship and that you can bond with your parents again and have them accept you and your relationship.


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