Kids - having them

my sister has been up north with me and my parents for the weekend. she has two kids.
I am 42 and although those kids are delightful I don’t think i’ll ever have kids. i have to look after myself, have no partner to have kids with and am getting on a bit
but i wondered how people get on having kids while on antispychotics and antidepressants.
anyone else with schiz had kids?

I’m 55 and I’m in the same boat as you. There were times when I interacted with my niece and nephews and I felt like I had to have kids, but now I feel like it is too late. I think that if I was stable on med’s I could raise kids.

i’m not diagnosed as schiz but do hear voices and have had hospitalisations. if it weren’t for my parents and late husband i’m quite sure that the kids would’ve been taken into care. my advice would b don’t do it unless u can stay med compliant and stable for at least 16 years, no joke. it’s not fair on the kids to have a mother who isn’t balanced mentally. even normies find it hard raising kids but adding hallucinations into the mix and or delusions, it becomes doubly so. when ur on sedating meds u still have to get up in the middle of the night if one of them wet the bed, needs a drink, needs a bottle, nappy change or just has a nightmare or simply feels like getting up at 3am. children don’t understand “i’m tired” or i’m sick. there’s no time off, no holidays and if ur ill u just have to roll up ur sleeves and get on with it. many a time i’ve cleaned up my children’s vomit whilst vomiting, myself. having said all that, i wouldn’t b without them and would probably do it all again if i was rich and could afford a nanny.

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I have a son, but I had him before I got sick, luckily. It might have been hard to meet someone with this illness. I have been single with the odd date here and there since I’ve been diagnosed. I think I might give up on dating and not bother. I don’t have enough energy to put the work into a relationship that I should. Any energy I have to leave the house I need to get my son to the pool or different activities, and I don’t have a whack of money to go out for dinner or movies and stuff with someone else. I think I will just stay single and spoil my kid rotten instead. I have an awesome son, he is a really good kid. Best thing I’ve got going on in my life.

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