Ketamine for treatment resistant depression

I was curious if any of you have been on experimental ketamine injections to help with treatment resistant depression. If so, how successful did you find the treatment?

is that legal on humans??? I snorted ketamine twice and liked it. Not sure how much it helped my depression ( i was depressed at the time)

but Special K is an f’d up drug I wouldnt wanna do too often

Indeed, there has been a lot of research for using it for depression recently. From what I’ve heard you are injected in the hospital once every two weeks. It’ supposed to treat depression immediately, instead of weeks or months like all other medications.

A friend i skype with was prescribed ketamine treatments for a while but had to quit since it was expensive and insurance wouldn’t pay for it.

I’m not sure how someone would go about getting your doctor to order ketamine injections but I know it’s not very common at the moment. The most common way to get ketamine treatments is through medical studies conducted by various universities. Unfortunately none of these studies are being conducted near me and even if they were I wouldn’t qualify since I’m only mildy depressed at the moment.

Here’s a link about it:

Interesting…I’ve also used a lot of date-rapers get girls to try it then rape them.

But It felt pretty good, and I always liked snorting stuff…even though I’ve only done it 4 or 5 times.

DXM and PCP is the same class of drugs, and I know DXM helped my depression the one time I did that awful drug.
You might want to check this drug out its in the pipeline it works like ketamine without the bad effects.

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Very nice! I just wonder how many years until it’s actually released to the public.

Dxm took all my motor skills away when I did it. I had like 450mg after doing cocaine and drinking like 15 drinks. Then I drove home at 5am I felt like I was floating. Should never have drove. It was a bad time. I was actually just hoping for death that night.

yeah the sober life is good for me.

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