Keep thinking of self harm

everywhere I turn, I see something to use in self harming. Each time I close my eyes, I can see myself hurting myself, like cutting my arms and wrists or cutting off circulation to some limb. It isn’t my voices telling me to hurt myself, it is my own thoughts telling me to do it. I don’t know what to do and I don’t see anyone till wednesday, namely my therapist. I’m so depressed and don’t even want to get up in the morning because I feel so horrid. I’ve tried talking to my parents, but they don’t think I’m telling the truth.

Dont do that! Dont do that! Because the feeling will pass but consequences will stay.
i was self harmful. Dont do that. You’re the only one who will ever understand how it really feels like. Dont hurt that primary support you have in yourself.

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From what I understand, the urge towards self harm can be very strong in some people. If you give in to this urge it might become stronger. You don’t want to get in a situation where you are constantly hurting yourself. I’m a male, and I’ve done some self harm. It wasn’t like a strong urge for me. I think I did it because growing up I somehow got the message that if you hurt yourself it is likely no one else will hurt you.

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I would seriously distract yourself until you see your pdoc - take long walks, spend time with your pet, listen to relaxing music, meditate, do some work around the house, watch comedies on TV or computer.

If you cannot control yourself, dont hesitate to go to the ER if need be.
call your pdoc immediately if you have to … good luck!


I second calling your doc and saying you are having suicidial thoughts if this gets out of hand. The last thing any of us want is for one of us to hurt ourselves.

I call my docs when I am really not okay, like having insomnia and being actively psychotic to a degree which is detrimental to my functioning.

There is no shame is asking for help, there is shame in the consequences of what may happen if you do not…that’s my input.

Get well soon and please do anything but harm yourself. I’ve been there and done that and the scars are permanent.


i have so many scars from this…don’t do it.
in my head i see myself hitting myself all the time…thankfully i don’t do this either.
know someone cares.
take care :alien:

life is precious and you are a little miracle, do you know the odds there are of you being here?

why spoil all of the work that millions of generations have fought so hard for, you are a little miracle and dont you forget that x

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I would just think positively about getting over this situation because “Life goes on”, but our own may not, so tell yourself that this too shall pass, and put yourself in the future as having overcome any negative happening to you at any time.