Just wondering where some members have disappeared

minnii, daze, sarad and some others …

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Minnii doesn’t come here anymore because her diagnosis has changed, she is no longer sz/sza.
Daze …I don’t know why.
Sarad still posts sometimes.

I’m wondering about @Turnip and a couple others too…

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I have problems with connection to the site…sometimes it works sometimes not. :slight_smile:
Other than that, don’t consider me a missing person (>y<)


Good, not MIA (missing in action) :smile:

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I’m starting to miss daze. :slight_smile:


I miss pixel and his humor. Also I am guilty of enjoying when he puts a certain members in their place :smile:

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I dropped out for a few weeks, but then I got back on the site. I missed you guys.


My diagnosis changed to C-PTSD which I think is similar to Borderline PD but without the outwardly extreme behaviors. I have severe hypervigilance episodes and also flashbacks sometimes. Currently in more specialized therapy and still going to school. Have made progress identifying triggers, proactive management and also better responsive coping skills. Not on any medication anymore, since I was taken off of the stuff I was on, but I also didn’t want to mess with benzos and such. I also decided to dip from the site, since 1. it’s supposed to be a safe place for discussion for people with SZ/SZA, and 2. because I could see that I had a history of emotionally charged responses to people at times and potentially inflammatory posts/threads even if it wasn’t my intention. Will never forget yall, though. :heart:


I am Pixel’s guilty pleasure. He doesn’t like me but he never had to “put me in my place” probably cuz he has similar political views as me lol.

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Nice to hear from you @Turnip.
I do hope that @Daze is doing well.

I miss a lot of different people.

I posted on the old site when my diagnosis was still borderline personality disorder with psychotic NOS. then my diagnosis changed to schizophrenia and changed to schizoaffective disorder so just to make sure if I ever get diagnosed back to borderline with psychotic NOS will I still be welcomed?

You don’t play blendoku, do you? If so, it’s your turn!

I have c-ptsd as well. I’m sorry for what you’ve been through, and hope you’re finding ways to be at peace with it.

I miss @Daze, both here and on her blogs. A little concerned for @pansdisease, though I know he flits in and out. We have had a forum glitch that I worry had been blocking him out.

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