Just who is Justin Beiber - that's not an oriental name

I’m confused. Hope @Tomasina can help me out.

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Hi @chordy, thank you for asking about Justin Bieber! :hugs: Yep, I’m the right one to ask on this subject! I’m a big fan! :slight_smile:

Justin Bieber is a Canadian pop singer. :canada:

Here is one of his songs. Have you ever heard it? I love the lyrics. What do you think?

Nice song. Is that Justin’s voice? Is he also the composer? Any special reason for the oriental interest?

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Hi @chordy - I’m happy you enjoyed the song. Thank you for listening to it. Yes, he’s also a composer. I don’t know about the oriental interest.

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PS Yes, that’s his voice.

Justin is gay my ex had a huge crush on him lol

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Is he .??? @Tomasina

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Idk I’m just aggravating tomasina

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She is super justin fan …!!! What are u doing lost…i am preety pissed off…

Thanks @far_cry0 - you’re so kind.

@Lost - I wouldn’t know anything about Justin Bieber’s personal life; I only listen to the music. :notes:

No worries here - we’re all good. :slight_smile: