Just when you think you've won lol

Sometimes, with my meds and being as stress free as possible, and trying to manage it as best and with as much dignity as possible, I almost feel like I’ve beaten it. But, no matter how well you are doing, it always will eventually remind you otherwise.

It happened to me today. Earlier, I wrote about something I don’t usually share. But it is relatively safe to share on here so I felt comfortable doing so. And I swear as soon as I wrote it I could hear someone scream in anger at me from down the street.

They say that some people lose all their symptoms when they are much older. That sort of helps keep me going. I can have good moments now. I can even have a decent string of them and enjoy my life. But maybe someday I’ll get completely better or they will actually find a freaking, completely works cure. It’s always good to hold onto hope.


Yeah it will always remind you that you have it. No escaping that at our current technology. It does pay to be positive and one day they’ll sort it out.


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