Just watched 'everest' - is a good movie

Is about an attempt to climb Everest which goes wrong. Stunning scenery.

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I think I saw it years ago :smile:

Not really my type of movie, but still good.

I like violence, psychological thrillers and comedies :slight_smile:

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I saw it a couple of months ago; good movie!

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Yeah this was more of a survival movie.

Next movie I want to see is revenent.

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Good movie I also read the book :thumbsup:

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Next movie I wanna see is inglorious bestards

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Is brilliant. Have you seen django unchained?


Yes, I love watching nazis and racist white ppl getting killed in violent movies :thumbsup:

Django unchained is good

I’m a big fan of Tarantino

I also wanna see green mile

I watched there will be blood and shawshank redemption yesterday and hateful eight today

I didn’t like it. I thought it was cheap of them to bait me with Jake Gyllenhaal, who is one of my favorite actors and then include him in like two scenes the whole movie.

I liked shawshank and I watched The Book of Eli really like it.

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