Just want to ask

when another poster says that was a stupid comment to someone,
and if flies like it’s no big deal,

why when or if I ever say that do I get suspended for 2 months for picking fights?

it’s a running joke on here, how many times I’m suspended.

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You have a reputation for disrupting the forum and get treated differently because you’re always doing it

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who gave this comment a Like. reveal yourself.

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It is because we like to give warnings, first. If someone stops after a warning, we don’t need to suspend them. You don’t stop after a warning.

what warning? and when do I carry on?

You don’t get warnings anymore because you consistently ignore them, and consistently start picking fights right as we are getting ready for bed. I am not going to delay going to sleep to try and convince you to stop attacking someone when the past 6 years has shown me you won’t back down until you have had the time and space to cool off.


good night.

Haters gonna hate, Sheri. I never seen anything wrong with you,

except the ultimate, pd. sz.

Sheri. Sheri? Don’t you think its because you know How to respond, without candy, or kiss ass, or typical. Dare to be Different, and let the chips fall. Let them keep suspending you, and blaming you.