Just took saphris 5 mg


Woon numb tongue for 20 minutes
Im in my bed now


Are you still on the abilify injection?


I wish you the best on it @jeroenp.
Good luck!


No the pills everhopeful


Thanks Wave … :slight_smile:


Best of luck with it from me too.


hey friends, slept like a baby on it and i am not sedated like seroquel on it i think


Yeah it makes you tired but not just pass out. And by the time you wake up you feel pretty alright on saphris. I’ve taken it. Wasn’t for me. But hope it’s great for you!


I’m on abilify and saphris as well


What dose of abilify and saphris effects


I take saphris and I think it works pretty good for psychosis. I seem pretty sane. Just a little delusional here and there but with insight and every once in awhile I get some auditory disturbance. I think saphris works really well for those of us who can stand taking it. I do take rexulti along with it. I wish I could find a med to help with my moods that would work that well.


Saphris was amazing for me. You’ll read a lot of negative posts but it was a miracle drug for me. I started on 30 mg then worked down to 20 mg over a couple of years of stability.

I’ve since moved onto Abilify, Wellbutrin and Lithium combo plus a few other add-ons.


I already feel its helping Day 1
Im happy it helped you too
Why did you quit


20 mg of abilify in am and saphris 10 mg at night. The abilify makes me amped and s bit volatile, the saphris brings me down at night. The sublingual tablet gets on my nerves, but no real side effects other than about 30 of taking it I’m unconscious for 2 hours to where the house could burn down, and I’d be still snoozing


hey @Freedom-of-speech yes i noticed half an hour my tongue sedated and numb and a tingly feeling… how long does your tongue numb last…


Hmmm I usually fall asleep with it numb :wink: as I said, it knocks me out


I couldn’t get over the chewing saphris I really hope it helps you


day 3 on saphris 5 mg

i seem to like the medicine side effects so far i hope i get well, its works on the negative symptoms too @far_cry0


What happened to @far_cry0


Day 6 saphris free dom of speech