Just took saphris 5 mg


Sorry haven’t been on much. How goes saphris?


DAY 6 now, tomorrow is 1 week, i hope it works, im very tired of experimenting with the atypicals. i even tried Clozapine that didnt work out at all. my psychiatrist and I are at the end of the rope


Did it start to work after 2 or 3 weeks, i do feel a little better already


I thought I had tried everything, then I got a new psychiatrist, and she put me on Saphris. It has been wonderful for me. I am not 100% perfect, but I haven’t been hospitalized, have less hallucinations, and my delusions are WAY down. The delusions were the dangerous part. I was carrying a knife with me because I was certain I was going to be kidnapped! Yikes! Saphris stopped all that. Thank goodness!


I was at the end of hope. I have acquired long qts, and my drs reluctantly have mentioned if it saphris didn’t help, they might have to surgically chop me open and put in a pacemaker/defib combo. Maybe it isn’t the greatest med out there since it’s a tier 4 med for me. However, it works well enough for me to be able to even exercise without fear of my qt being too affected. Tbh, if it wasn’t for the combo of abilify and saphris, I’d prolly have offed myself. I’m a survivor right now. From hopeless, to a little more hopeful…I’m so happy it appears to help you. Keep us posted :+1:


Ok i will just do that thanks


I was really SU/SI too when I began Saphris. I was on 10 then 20 mg for a few weeks, but the night it was upped to 30 mg was amazing. Breakthrough like i’d never thought possible. Everything in my head quieted down overnight and I felt less SU.

I changed to Abilify because I was going back to school and looking to start work, the Saphris kept me dopey feeling much of the day. Despite also taking Provigil to wake me up. I feel clearer headed on the Abilify and other meds i take in addition. The Abilify/Lithium combo is better for me at this time.


How fast does saphris dissolves under your tongue


I recall it dissolving in a few seconds. 30 seconds tops. I had the black cherry flavored.


Strange i do it under my tongue and dissolves slow to a point my mouth is filled with sativa and i have to swallow that but not the pill itself
Is this normal?


It takes awhile for mine to dissolve…a frickin long time yuck!