Just relax


Interesting selection of music, trying to tell us something? It’s 2014 man, it’s ok.


I loved those 80’s songs. And still do. It was the last decade of REAL songs in pop music. With melodies, and actual vocals, instead of someone just talking and scratching a record.

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The Cult - my favorite band, released their Love album in 1985 - so yeah the 80s was a good decade for certain music styles - its one of my favorite albums of all time

And just as good…

This has been some of my favorite music in my youth, I like all kinds of music. Many people have not known my music choices because I am introverted and I like my privacy.

Wow, you sure got around considering you’re an introvert. And the eighties were a great ea of music. From superstars like Springsteen, Madonna and Michael Jackson to bands like Men At Work and Culture Club and Dire Straights.

Introverts may live among people and meet many people, but it is energy demanding, introverts typically have just few friends, not many real friends and introverts like privacy and are often in their own thoughts while extroverts get their energy from other people and so on.

Many schizophrenics are introverts - a means of survival. It’s good that you know this about yourself.

Hmmmmm. I read an advantage of introversion is that they have CLOSE friends. It was true for me when I was younger. I had a few GOOD friends. In fact people used to mistake me and my friend for brothers.Another advantage is that they do not mind being alone by themselves such as in their house or apartment.Extroverts feed off other people’s energy but don’t like being alone. You can also look up good online careers that introverts especially excel at.