Just happy with my life

I guess I am happy and thankful for having schizophrenia and being an alcoholic. There are so many diseases I don’t have and am thankful not to have. Schizophrenia has made my life hard at times and the stigma has been hard to live with as well but I have managed. I have been lucky in many ways and am blessed to have a wife and two children. I still have my parents with me and since I stopped drinking I have every day sober to enjoy whatever life throws at me. My schizophrenia is a mild case and that is a blessing as well. I am enjoying the spirit of christmas and really am just fine with myself theese days. We have enough money so that we can relax and I am not struggling so hard to get and get more out of life. Whatever god gives to me is quite enough


Your post makes me smile. Have a great Christmas. You sound like you are doing well. Keep that loving family close.
What are the HOT toys the kids want this year?

I’m proud of my schizophrenia too, it has made me who I am right now.

Good post, but why do you call yourself: leech_john?
Leech being the question?

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Sounds good…I long for settling down. I am a college student and I hate being young, to be honest. After recovering from my demonic case of schizophrenia, I feel like an old man. I feel hope when I hear about people like you, but something in me feels like it is only a fantasy to one day settle down and live a quiet life. It’s always been extreme for me, one crazy year after another, OCD one year, anorexia the next, substance abuse the next, schizophrenia for the next two, damn. I have had one hell of an experience reaching the age of 20.

But your post makes me smile! Enjoy the holidays and I hope you keep feeling well!

Congratulations on quitting the booze.

i am really happy for you.
take care

“whatever god gives to me is quite enough”

that’s marvelous. I wish I could have such an attitude. bless you for your inspirational talk here.


Thank you for all of the positive replies. It has been quite a journey and I am happy to still be around to experience life fully. Blessed holidays to you all,