Just got out of the hospital again

i am going to have to take my prolixin by injection every 2 weeks, which is good i get better and think i never needed em and it was just (insert excuse)
and i did this since i was 17 im 23 now. im embarassed it took me so long to realize i need em i hope my insight stays.


Congratulations on being discharged from hospital!


Cool I’m very happy for you :sunglasses::wink:
Take care of yourself and do what you should to help you! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Congratulations! I think you’ve made a great break through.

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How do you guys deal with people making fun of you in public, i really dont like it and it makes me sad because i want to be nice to them.

Why would you want to be nice to anyone who makes fun of you in public?

How do you feel steping out of the hospital?
I have been in hospital many times. When i got out it felt usually like…oh the world is much bigger then the hospital. I was abit like …oh i dont know if i can handle it, the world is so big. One time coming out of the hospital i looked over my shoulder and thought…oh they wanted to lock me up…good thing i got out of …

I don’t waste my time on lower life forms, I just do what I need to in my day. Ignore those clowns and put your energy into being awesome.

Glad you’re out of the hospital. :slight_smile:


i mean if they didnt i would

it felt good to be able to have a cig lol and yeah it seems like its an appreciation for the nature reset button

Did you know that in estonia there are smoking rooms even in the most sick patients unit? But smoking is not allowed near the hospital 30meters and smoking is not allowed in regular hospitals.

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I went to the Mental Hospital several times in my teens and twenties.

Now I am 67 years old and haven’t been to a mental hospital again, except to visit folks there during the day.

I take meds. Also, I communicate with my treatment team especially about the meds.



i am going to follow your lead, and keep taking my meds and communicate with the treatment team.


well I am happy for you !!

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