Just got home from inpatient

They put me on zyprexa again even though I told them it dont work. I begged for clozaril but they said I have to see my regular dr. I’m worn thin. Appointment on Thursday to ask my clinic for it. I have tried all the a typical.


Good luck. 15115

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Welcome back @LovelyCreature.

I hope they can help you at the clinic.

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I hope they can get you on some Clozaril. :cat::cat::cat:

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I’m actually very excited to be on it but scared at the same x

Thank you so very much

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welcome back =)

Maybe your regular dr will let you try clozapine. Good luck!

Welcome back @LovelyCreature

Welcome back hope you had a good rest

This is why I don’t like going inpatient they don’t listen to a word you say

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Thread you @lekkerhondje!

They have to@this point! I have tried all 2nd gen APs… All heightened my symptoms and/or added new ones.

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I definitely rested soooo much. I slept almost the whole time being there. Lol

Nope they sure dont!

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Welcome home. I hope you get your wish.

I start cloz on 22nd:^)

I start cloz on 22nd;*)