Just found a women's AA group where I live

God grant me the serenity to change the things about others that PISS ME OFF!

I’m not sure that’s the actual serenity prayer…


Though the sentiment is certainly there. I think anyone listening would agree that serenity would be helpful here.

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Clam down ''twas but a joke.

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Ruhbert who are you do judge don’t you ever get angry?

I do, everyone does. I was just teasing & playing off of your joke. It was ill-considered of me; I guess my judgment is off today. No offense intended.

I think we were all having a bit of a joke.

I haven’t been to AA for some time now. I might start going back over the literature. I’ll have to get my phone to read it aloud for me though.

Sorry I’m known for being over sensitive I see the joke now duh!

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Audiobooks are great all the information with none of the falling asleep LOL

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