Great actor

Saw my pdoc. She did not want to lower my meds. Maybe that’s a good thing. I’m an expert of acting well. Keeping eyecontact. Shaking her hand. Giving the “right” answers to her questions.

Maybe I should just be myself next time.

Anyone else acting well at pdoc’s? No need for helping me. But she did not lower my meds even though I said I’ve been ok for a long time.

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I’m careful what I say and how I say it now, but i’m truthful.


Well, so long as you’re being honest with them and answering their questions truthfully you’re OK. It doesn’t matter about eye contact or shaking hands I think.


I answerd her questions, did not add anything myself. Did not say a word about voices. She did not ask. I was truthful. I’m not suicidal atm. I don’t feel deeply depressed atm.


I think it is something well people do. Shaking hands and eye contact. I’m tired of this. I’m gonna fake it til I make it. I’ll look people in their eyes and shake hands. Say “Hello, what a terrible weather.”

But I have to be careful I don’t stare at people. Then I will just be creepy and not nice. Is it maximum 3 seconds you can see another person in their eyes? I think I read it somewhere. Where do I look after 3 seconds?


Why don’t you tell them about the voices? They should have asked you anyway I guess.

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I’ve told my real pdoc, the psychologist and the nurse. This is a new temporary pdoc. I don’t trust her.


Atleast you did not lie.

In Sweden when I had voices i avoided answering questions because i was on like 5 strong medicines which were not working but only making me worse cause i still had voices but became really sedated and druuling etc Getting off those meds was something i had to do alone and its one of the best things i ever did and i did it same time as i quit smoking.
I was so determined and it was difficult and i did not tell drs who said i should take these horrid meds that were making me sicker.
When i got off them (by myself and by not telling my doc) I did not need medicine for 8 years till i was hospitalised but not because of voices cause of paranoia and overwhelmed etc

I understand one can be afraid of telling psychiatrist everything as they can missuse that against you and actually make you sicker than you were to begin with.

Psychiatrists in Australia have been more gentle on/with medication which is better for me .
One med, supplements and sleep tablet if needed.

Im truthful but i do not tell all and avoid some questions or do not answer as i could n should if i was to tell disclose more.

I do not tell them anything or much about paranoia etc.
I had voices 10 years ago or so but i dont have them now but do have other symptoms which are real and probably due to peoples hate and jealousy of me really.

I have difficulties socially and holding conversations unless its simple and short that can sometimes be doable.
I need lots time at home and get tired easily when out.

How are you doing and feeling and what would you change and what do you want and what care plan would you suggest for yourself and what med dose would you honestly advise for yourself?

I’d like to be med free. But I’ve tried that. Twice. I have chewed myself through half the pharmacy. I’ve tried so many different meds. No more trial and error. I function on this dose and I really don’t want to change. Not right now. Even though I hear voices every day.


Has your pdoc ever recommended ECT for your sz? That was the only thing to stop my positive symptoms. I had tried almost every med for two years and lived in hell everyday. The treatments helped me respond to the meds.

I can relate about being an actor. I only do it when they threaten to commit me or I’m in the hospital and want to leave. :sunny:


I love to keep eye contact with everyone hence psychopath personality… I don’t get the same, people seem too distracted looking in my eye. Last time in therapy I nearly said Can you stop looking to my forehead or next to my ear, and look to my eyes instead. It very much distracts me LOL

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No ECT. I’d never try it on my free will. I have friends who’s memory is damaged. Oh. Friends and friends. Rather Face book or hospital friends.

In Sweden they give you ECT if you have treatment resistant depression. I don’t think for sz.

When I got psychotic in 2009 I thought I was a psychopath. But I wasn’t. It was all in my head. At that time I felt superior and realized people look away all the time. Never in my eyes. Made me feel like a god. I could also hear their thoughts and control their actions.

Maybe I am staring at people?

I have to make research on how long people look in my eyes. Then I’ll do the same. Maybe then I’ll pass as normal. But where the heck am I supposed to look when I look away?


Maybe ask your doctor why they don’t want to lower your medication and then address the doctors concerns. I think honesty is the best way to go and you have the right to know why they are giving you the dosage they are giving you. A good doctor will listen to your concerns and work with you on a solution that you can live with.


I tell them what I believe that they are spirits not hallucinations and that the voices things I see and feel really exist and support this with the info in the bible they are now lowering my medication and eventually taking me off of it at my request even though I am under an act by law I must be right :wink:

I’ve seen my pdoc since 2007. If I start talking about the bilble she will propably add Zyprexa to my cocktail. :confused:

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When I was psychotic and hospitalized I listened to the book of revelations over and over on mp3. I also stole the bible from the hospital library for protection against the evil demons haunting me.

My psychiatrist is christian so he listens but he is quiting his job soon so I’m getting a new one so I might just have to act well to come off my meds or I’m going to have to deal with side effects from hell I’m already going to be put on a very low dose.