Just come over all tired. Think this med change is kicking my a**

Feel like I have just run a marathon


I did just spend an hour with a friend I haven’t seen in ten years. Maybe I got stressed from the socialising. Plus I was worried he would look at me bad for haven put on weight. But he was a gentleman


Glad you did that. When Phil calls me Heifer, I know he means it lovingly. One woman on Lined In posted about her husband, My Whale. It was probably the most sentimental thing I’ve ever read.


I feel that, too. I saw a friend on Saturday and got really exhausted because of it. So did she - she has a schizo-spectrum disorder like me / us.

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I get exhausted from socializing, too. I usually have to retreat to my room for some alone time to wind down from it all.

I am not one much for socializing either. It is very draining. I have kinda stopped socializing with people(outside of support groups).

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I guess I’m the oddball, lol. Lately, socializing has given me more energy. When I started getting sick, I became less able to join or carry on conversations, not to mention less interested in them in the first place.


I talked to my grandma on the phone for ten minutes today and that wore me out. My dad is hard of hearing and talking to him really wears me out. I can relate very well.


I always nap after group. I thought about going more often but im not sure my head can handle it.

My last med change kicked my butt too. Higher dose of Haldol. Im on 20mgs a day

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I saw a exercise physio and dietitian today then swam and that really drained me emotionally, so ive retreated into my room to journal 4 hours ago and im still here lol

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