Friend visited. Seemed fine

Thought I’d invite a friend to visit that keeps wanting to connect. Had her over and had a tea and a chat. All went well. I don’t understand why I felt fine when we were socializing and by the end of the visit I felt off and now I’m shaky and very anxious and shutting down. At least I was successful to connect with someone.

Even though it’s fun, socializing can take up a lot of energy. This happens to lots of people after leaving a social setting, and it’s totally normal. Even neurotypicals go through the same thing.


I am the same way. I can socialize with family or a trusted friend, someone that totally doesn’t bother me, and even then I am overwhelmed and spent afterwards. Like @Ninjastar said, lots of people deal with this, I think. Good job getting out there and socializing in the first place!


I’m like that too, especially if the people are coming to my house. For me, I think my adrenaline and cortisol flow, and when they’re gone it goes away. Then I sit on the couch and decompress.

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Yeah I need to decompress and settle again. I do socializing for my husband. It’s hell and that frustrates him so I don’t let him know exactly how torturous it can be to go to a bar or to a friend’s house (which is not often by any means). I used to be an actor so I can pretend pretty good. Just keeps things easier to suffer later. Having a ‘dry’ wife depresses him so I just push myself Poor guy seeing a happy joyful wife lose her passion.