Just bought expensive parfum

Would subconsciously avoid wearing any kind of cologne cause it drew attention to me, but now I think i have the confidence to wear it.


Sounds good, I have a funny story, when I had left from my marriage in America I took all perfumes that she had, Estee Lauder and many others and I used these when I lived in my auto in America, I do have some good perfumes now, my mother got me some, good perfumes can be quite expensive.


yeah, i sure hope this 1.7oz bottle last me for a long time. It’s parfum, not cologne so supposedly it’s stronger than the others. It takes confidence to wear


Hopefully you’ll pick up some chicks :wink:

yeah, yeah, my confidence is getting better. parfum is just a piece of the puzzle


Yeah I have to reorder my Cologne on Amazon.
It makes me feel good wearing it

I think that you’ll be great, we all deserve to have happiness, but remember that women like to talk with you, interesting things, experiences, … I may think that taking slowly with women is important …

btw im not actively looking for sexual relations, not in a rush by any measure. I just want to be prepared, maybe make an impression on people that i may come across. I think this wearing fragrance is gonna be a healthy habit


parfum, eh?

I make a… bold and strong parfum… that “stays forever,” even if you bag and stow it in closet.

lol lol lol lol lol lol lol

My favorite perfume that I wear on daily basis is “Tierra del Fuego” from La Martina. When I wear it, I have received positive comments many times from co workers and friends. I wear perfume every day I work and also when I am off work I usually put it on. Another favorite of mine is "Le perfume La Nuit de L’Homme " from yves saint laurent or from Dior “Homme Eau de Toilette”. They are very expensive for my budget but I am picky about what perfume I wear. I cannot wear anything that I dont really like. I hate that feeling when you have perfume on that you dont really like yourself. Recently, I have heard about a perfume series that is called “Molecule Eau de Toilette” by Escentric Molecules, which is supposed to be a super comment getter perfume. Its supposed to be very enchanting.I have researched them and found an online store where I can buy them but I am not decided to spend over 100 Euro on something I have not tried out a number of times on my skin to see how the perfume smells over time on my skin.

My advice, is dont put too much on…dont overdoo it with the perfume. I think from my own experience I can say women who smell like the bathed in their perfume and smell too strong put me off. Less is better in this case. So be courageous to be subtle…

Have to agree use lightly, I’m allergic and often have to leave when someone is wearing to much.

The only cologne I’ve ever had is the bottle of Ralph Lauren Double Black that my ex-gf bought me a couple years ago. I wore it for her when I took her on dates, and for the few dates I had with another woman last spring after we had broken up, but that’s it. I still have it, the bottle is still mostly full. It’s good cologne, quite expensive, but I’m just not one to wear it often. Even when I did put it on I kept it very subtle, just a couple spritzes on my neck and a few on my shirt.