Just as bad being sane

Now that I am stabilized on med’s I can have a cold hearted, rational view of human nature, and it is just as scary. I can think of six times in the twentieth century that over a million people have been massacred. Throughout history people have terrorized each other. The whole idea that people should do right by each other is relatively new. Slavery existed in some form or other in every society until the mid nineteenth century. Thank God for modern sensibilities.


These massacres usually happened between different ethnic groups and religious groups. Driven by hatred, fear and prejudice, some human beings were very cruel and barbaric when facing people of different belief and race.

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What is seen as sane to the masses these days?

As you know, Mayor Bill de Blasio the 109th Mayor of New York City is doing everything he can to ensure lack of safety of high rise buildings.

" A 67,000 signature calling for a ballot measure to require the City of New York to investigate the collapse of WTC 7 was submitted. A week later, as word of the campaign spread, Mayor Bill de Blasio made his position known, calling such efforts “insensitive” and “inappropriate”, and saying that he would work with the City Council to keep it from appearing on the ballot."

That’s right, Mayor Bill de Blasio of New York wants absolutely no future skyscraper (sky scrapper) designer to know why and how WTC building number 7 collapsed on Sept 11, 2001, even thought it collapsed without having been impacted by an airplane, unlike the twin towers.

Hey, my points are climbing.

As of yet, no anyone, nor any physicist, has opposed my physics videos which show how to understand Albert Einstein’s Theory of Special Relativity better than Albert did.

But of course, to the so called “sane”, an accomplishment of such, means nothing at all.

To the “Sane” such an accomplishment is insane rubbish !