Just a little bit more about my present condition. An update

Hi everyone: I am seeing a psychiatrist regularly, once a month. My wife doesn’t want me to spend the money on treatment but where we live it is not that expensive for a half hour visit. I really need to touch base with a psychiatrist regularly so he can catch anything that happens early. He said that I am stable now on my medication and to keep on seeing him for my check ins. I have been taking my medication every day now for some time. I don’t feel too poorly these days. I am not ready to give up smoking and don’t even have the willingness at this time. Some psychiatrists and others have said that nicotine has positive benefits for people with mental disease. My sponsor in AA says that I should be willing to go cold turkey off the nicotine and just forget about all of what these other people say. I am not living in a hospital but with my family, a wife and two sons. My family is my joy and I also have hobbies. I am middle age and retired. I am taking care of my health. Some meditation and prayer helps. Thanks.


Hi John, I’m sure you’re fully aware of the dangers and consequences of smoking to your health. Yes, nicotine has been proven to help schizophrenics, although I don’t know if it helps every subtype. You sound like a normal person with schizophrenia, I don’t know what to tell you. I guess you’re here for support or social connections.

sounds like you are taking care of yourself…don’t worry about the cigarettes…take it slow…you will quit when you are ready…that way you will keep the stress level down and not make things a major issue…wishing you the best…


Something you may want to read about smoking and schizophrenia:


Noone can force you to quit smoking. It has to be you who decide it is enough.


It sounds like you working very hard and doing well. I wouldn’t stress the smoking right now. My brother is quitting smoking and he could NOT do it cold turkey. For him, it was just too much, too hard, and not right. So he’s cut down one by one until now he’s down to only two cigarettes a day. Next month he is hoping to be down to one.

My ex boyfriend who is also Sz, swapped cigarettes for nicotine gum. So he still got the nicotine but was able to kick the asthma.


Glad you are doing so well. Keep up the good work!*

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Thanks for the reply nick. yeah I guess I’m here because It helps to talk to other people with the disorder. It helps to get the perspective of others…