Junk Food Post

I’ve been eating some junk food lately, mostly biscuits and chocolates, i also bought a 20 pack of crisps today and a bottle of beer so i thought i’d ask

do you eat a lot of Junk food? :slight_smile:


I used to have a thing for cheese string, those brownie sundaes in tescos, and McDonald’s chips with coke, lots of salt added… Yummm

I still eat chips and will occasionaly indulge in some sweets.

Sometimes i get myself a pepperoni stick or a humpyy dumptys party mix at the dollar store.

Other days i like buying myself drinks… like mango hibiscus iced tea, alo aloe vera mangosteen drink, etc. Any new or novelty drink. A bubble tea every now and then.

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I’m eating less junk food than I used to.

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I try not to buy it, bag of chips maybe

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No not really. sometimes just eat snacks like baked chips or pretzels.

If I was thin I would be subsisting entirely off various junk foods. But no, I have to watch what I eat but I do occasionally eat at fast food restaurants or buy the occasional bag of chips.

Yes, my favorite is ice cream, snickers, twix, welchs fruit snacks, oreros, chips ahoy, corn dogs and so on lol

I had fries topped with cheese and bacon today. But I dont eat tons of junk food usually

Not so much junk food as fast food. I do like me a burger and chips.

I eat fast food pretty often. Usually Jack in the Box or In N Out. And ramen at home sometimes. And cookies sometimes, too. And coca-cola.

I eat fast food 2 to 4 times a month depending on how my budget allows.

Admittedly what i eat isn’t the best. It isn’t exactly what you’d call junk food, but it isn’t healthy either. It is that unclear, middle ground. I did make some spaghetti bolognese on Saturday just gone, and my partner was thrilled. It was the first time i’d cooked a meal in years.


I had a couple of bacon sandwiches for lunch (very greasy) and a bottle of frappucino lol total junk

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