Jukebox's book

Hello again,

One more thing before I take a leave of absence here is I was looking for Jukebox’s book?

Where is it on Amazon again?

Now that I’m starting to be able to read again I’ll probably read it.

And I’ll also keep it and I’ll be able to tell people that I actually knew this guy.

How cool is that? 8)


Wish I could remember.

@jukebox you want to pm this guy?

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Found it.


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thanks snowy owl…the book is called “OUT OF IT an autobiography on the experience of schizophrenia” by anonymous. it’s available on amazon, just put schizophrenia autobiography in the search window at amazon and it comes right up…

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Way to go, @jukebox.

You are an author, and a painter, you are making headway.

Glad to call you a friend.


thank you Daze…that makes me feel good.

Yeah I’m gonna hold the book and be like wow I actually knew this guy. =)


I’m in editing stages of my book based on mental illness and I know @EarthChild has written a memoir as well. And @Daze is a writer/poet. Lots of writers here.

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