Judging how much food to buy

Hmmmm I don’t have an egg microwave cooker. They take maybe 3 or 4 minutes on the stove. You could try that. Would you like directions? I’m sorry, but I just don’t know your strengths and weaknesses in the kitchen.

I know how to do it on the stove,but wanted to do it in the microwave. It’s hard to time it so the egg isn’t rubbery though doing it in the microwave.

As for weaknesses - peeling and cutting veg,not good with meals that are quite complex to do, the simpler the better.

I tend to buy a lot of food at a time because I hate grocery shopping. And I tend to cook large amounts of food at a time too because that cuts down on the amount of cooking I have to do.

I buy frozen and dried fruits, and frozen veggies as much as possible.

You know what kind of lunches I used to love? Here’s one idea for you, hon…

Onion rolls, big enough for a sandwich. Here, they’re round and very fluffy, yet filling.get one 6 to 8 pack.

Roast beef, from the deli, cut thinly to average sized slices, get 1 pound.

Swiss cheese, from the deli, cut average sized slices. Get 1.5 pounds.

Big tomatoes, kind of your choosing. Get 2.

Ketchup, whatever brand you prefer. Don’t need too much. Get 1 small bottle.

Open the onion roll package. Cut the roll in half.
Open the roast beef package. Use 2 or 3 slices.
Put it on the onion roll bottom.
Open the Swiss cheese package. Use 1 slice. Put
It on top of the roast beef.
Cut an average sized SLICE of a tomato. Put the
Slice BETWEEN the roast beef and Swiss
Put a small dollop of ketcup on the top part of
The onion roll.
Put on microwave safe plate, put in microwave for 20 to 30 seconds, or until cheese melts.

Use ketchup to dip sandwich in. That’s if you
Like ketchup.

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To be honest it’s kinda easy for me I dont buy more than 35.00 dollars worth at a time. If I came home with 100 to 200 hundred dollars worth of food we would never have room for it with the other people living here buying groceries as well.

Every other week my kids are here. I make.a menu for the week and buy groceries according to that. During the week I’ll have to pick up more milk or bread etc. I spend about $150 each week and almost nothing on my weeks without them. My pantry is always stocked. So in total I spend $350-400 a month.

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