Jon and Huck Finn, or poets...if you have time today, check this out, I love Billy Collins

Interesting. I am very much a rhyming poetry kind of person and am at a loss as to where his more free form version of poetry deviates from the expressive language that can be used in prose.

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lines are kind of blurred probably. thanks for viewing.

 The American dream-fat ladies on therapists couchs
  health food obsession meets psychologist's candy
  The American dream- guns for sale executions to 
  Your right to shoot and your punishment to die,
  The American dream- personal neurosis, 
  collective self assurance,
  anti abortionist gas chamber caressing.

The American dream-mom's apple pie
  classrooms of children waiting to die
  The American dream- wholesome and clean
  liberal thoughts and reactionary deeds
  The American dream-bizzare and mundane
  continuous movie for the normally insane

I saw despair in a black bag
Felt it,touched it and threw it away
But once again it stood beside me
Crying out for a taste of anguish

I laughed,it was a joke,a fantasy
Then i looked down on the floor
The room shook and the fragments sharp
Tumbled on to the once golden floor

I bent down to pick up the pieces
And like a rusty needle they went through me
The earth went dark,oh so dark
I tried to smile,a vacant pit.

Laughter,what is laughter?
I cannot tell,it avoids me
There is just the darkness
And the broken fragments on the floor

(A poem written when i was 15 in 1972)

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No pills this dysphoria can cure
this life’ll destroy me for sure
nearly 49 reaching for a sight of ten
needing a glimpse of me now and again

Looking to trust,no trust to find
paranoia gnawing at my mind
disjointed days,emotional haze
it’s always been this way

Wish i was free,born again
Wish for sunshine feel the rain
angry tells me i’m alive
desolation cuts deeper than the knife

be good spoken word reading,


I remember a poem by Billy Collins about his grandfather’s death…his father put his hat on the table and looked out the window and it ended there. It was somber, non-rhyming, and beautiful! I took a poetry class at the community college and we got to read billy collins.
Thanks! I’m tethering my cell phone’s wifi to my laptop so I can’t watch the entire vid or it’ll eat up my data, but I’m watching the beginning.

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Best to start with his book Sailing Alone Around the Room.

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I’ve hit a writers block after being inspired for a while it’s very frustrating

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