Johnny Cash would be 89 today


I was never a country-and-western fan growing up, but a friend of mine introduced me to Johnny Cash when I was about 20. I really liked some of his old stuff , and his new stuff was really interesting

Sometimes i listen to him on youtube. My favorite is walk the line.

I never thought much about him in the past, but recently I’ve been exposed to his music and now I really like his music.

This is one of my favorites


Johnny Cash is one of my favorite artists along with Jimi Hendrix, and this is coming from a metalhead. He for sure beats any modern “country” on the radio today.


ahh Johnny Cash…who doesn’t like Johnny Cash???


This is my favorite of his newer stuff

But man in black is my favorite of his older stuff.

Wow thats still pretty young. it seems a long time ago with his music.

Johnny Cash didn’t write it but “Sunday Morning Coming Down” is one of my favorites of his.

(Kris Kristopherson wrote it).

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That is a great cover! It helped get me through many tough mornings.

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I love Johnny cash .

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I love johnny cash i love hurt and ring of fire but he also did music with the likes of willie nelson and other famous people who are country stars, one of the best artist of all time, i play hurt over and over i know its was written and sang by NIN but Johnny cashes version is amazing and beautiful

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