Job interview advice needed

I lined up a job interview with a motivational speaker who has cerebral palsy. I saw a speaker event he did where he has a partner that can understand what he is saying and relays the information to the audience.

The advice I need is pretty straightforward: should I disclose my illness to them in the interview? I’m interviewing for a marketing/ sales position and am questioning whether I should disclose the fact that I have sz. Cerebral palsy is such a “visual” illness, meaning you can see his wheelchair and see the difficulty he has in speech. Sz is so much more subtle; I would have to disclose it to them otherwise they’d think I am an average joe. My stance is that I will build rapport and state that I am dealing with a tremendous challenge as well. Might land me the job, might cost me further consideration. It would be a first for me, telling someone who isn’t a blood relative, a doctor, or a good friend.

Should I just stay status quo and keep it to myself or disclose and see what happens? What are your thoughts?

If it was me, I would probably be selfish and not disclose until later. That’s one point of view.
My other point of view (which you probably already considered) is that being that the guy is disabled himself, then he might be more understanding of someone else who else who is struggling with a disability and more sympathetic.

Don’t disclose it until you’ve worked with them for a bit.

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@77nick77: Yes, I did consider that. There isn’t a cut and dry way to throw into discussion that “oh, btw, I have schizophrenia.”
@anon31257746: I’m leaning towards that, thanks for your input.

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Yes, you’re right. It’s all about timing and picking the right moment.

They might even respect your more for having the courage to seek employment and power through and show you are capable before telling them.

You got it man

I think it really depends on the interviewer.

I had my clerical job back in 2008 even though I told them I had schizophrenia during the interview. One of the interviewers had the understanding of mental illness, and most importantly, he evaluated me based on my business letter writing, not because of prejudice to this schizophrenia.

And my second chance in 2013, where the interviewers had thoroughly read my resume and understand my employment gaps and mental illness. This employer was kind enough, they recruited me and hoping that I would remain working there for lifetime.

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I’m with @anon31257746 on this one…

don’t disclose until much later.

It’s hard enough getting a job these days…

I didn’t tell my boss until I got to know him better.

Good luck on the interview…

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I would never tell any colleagues or people that i have a mental illness. The guy might sympathize with you but you might not get the job… Remember there are a lot of people who want the same job