Jealous of my friends

I hate that my friends are married or are getting married…Me I can’t even work. I can’t even feel productive by myself so how will I even be productive in a relationship? Impossible.


He invited me to his wedding but it was cancelled due to covid back then. I think they had to reduce the invited ppl so he didn’t reinvite me the 2nd time. I think he just invited family bcz of covid restrictiins.

Are you sure being in a relationship is what you really want? I could be in a relationship if I chose to but have no desire to be in one. Of course, you are younger than me too.


Me too, @Aziz . I am the only non-partnered one out of all of my friends. It makes me feel like there’s something so repugnant about me, and I have lots of voices who will happily jump on that train of thought.

I don’t work a lot. I never have been able to. Or I’d go full throttle on a three month manic swing, then crash and quit. I’m going to try to work on building up more freelance business.

My very awesome therapist is very supportive of the idea of me being in a relationship, and he doesn’t think I’m unlovable. I’m trying to believe him, and I hope you can feel that for yourself, too. I used to be someone who believed in the impossible, and if a relationship is impossible for us, then so be it. Bring it on.


i feel the same

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I’m not jealous.
My friends have children, but
I don’t want any

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