I am jealous of my brothers

They’re living a good life making money having fun partying travelling etc It annoys me when I hear them talking to their friends and their gfs about current and future plans etc I have nothing in life.


I have an older brother who’s doing way better than me in life, so I can relate. I wouldnt say i’m jealous of him though. Im happy for him.


How is your work? @TheCanuk

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Work has been going well. Its been nice making money. Its still early though so im hoping I can hold this job. I have a bad history with employment. Thanks for asking man!


Thats good to hear. Hope it lasts! @TheCanuk

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How to not be jealous?

I wish my brothers did activities with me. They look down on me and are ashamed of me infront of their friends because I don’t work and I am fat and because I don’t shower often.


You’re still young and have lots of time to improve your life. Dont give up! I believe in you @Aziz


I think incapable of being jealous.

Social activities don’t interest me at all. I see my spouse super social all the time. I don’t want to participate. I feel forced to sometimes and it makes me miserable.


Am I a bad person for being jealous of them?

If I was doing good I wouldn’t be jealous of them.

Not at all - its a human emotion. We’re all different. What we want and wish for.

Have you thought of asking the family to have a family time. Something you want to do with them?


My parents sometimes want me go shopping with them but I can’t.


Its really hard. I think SZ just makes us super lonely. Even when you have family that love you. I have a spouse that love me. And still miserable.


My siblings usually don’t include me when they go out. End up feeling leftout when we do meet and they speak about how food was when they met last time at some place.

I had declined their invitation once for obvious personal reason. They’ve taken it for granted that I will always say no.

We’re just worlds apart. I don’t see point of going out with them if I end up feeling lonely in their company.

I do sometimes feel jealous. Then realize there are things about me they might be jealous of. There is more of indifference.


They might be jealous of you as well. You never know.


My sister is jealous of me because I’m loved so it’s not always about accomplishment or jobs and money and material things.

She tries dominating and supress me and thinks she is superior.

I’m not jealous of her.

I’m happy to be me just as I am.

She is our dad’s favourite by far infact he told his x she is the only one he wants n he doesn’t want me n my brother because only she is perfect but I don’t care because their are other people I’m closer with and maybe I’m their favourite.

You should appreciate yourself more.
You have probably been through so much more than your brothers which can lead to you having more empathy and understanding and beautiful qualities they may not possess or comprehend.

We are all unique and their is no comparison.

Some people go better together.

Maybe listen to Louise hay love yourself meditation on YouTube.

I’m trying to listen to atleast half a hour of it most days.

Positive affirmations!


My sister is jealous of me because I make money without having to work.

You never know for sure what’s going on in your brothers’ mind. They might have their own struggles.

You might get used to the meds and be able to work on showering/losing weight from there.


Do you get severe negatives?

Intense exercise is good for the brain. Aerobic especially over anaerobic. Idk if you could run on a treadmill twice a week. Or slight incline walk.

My siblings are successful but I’m not jealous, I’m proud of them.

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Well, being sick or fat might not be easily fixable, but showering is.

It’s not fun to hang out with someone who stinks.

I’m sure you could work on making showering regularly a routine.
And I’m sure you could work in leaving the house for small periods of time.