Jared Leto / Kurt Cobain

I think he did an alright job, what you think?


I don’t like Jared Leto or Kurt Cobain so my opinion is probably biased.


It’s all good.

Jared Leto’s a pretty good underrated method actor.

He’s a right handed guitar player, but he performed as a left handed player in the video above.

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I feel like both of them are pretty overrated.

But I did enjoy Jared Leto in Dallas Buyers Club.

Its debatable that he’s a talented musician, but he’s a decent actor.


Heh, your honesty is much appreciated as usual.:wink:

I actually do like Kurt Cobain’s music. I read a part of a biography of his about a decade ago. The drugs definitely messed with him. I think in a way, his death brought some attention to clinical depression. That may have helped people become more accepting of those who have depression as surely before that there was a greater stigma attached to it. But then there’s always the conspiracy theories around his death.

As for Jared Leto, don’t hate me for this heh, but I just don’t see what all the fuss is about. It might be because he’s a handsome dude with some musical talent but when it comes to acting, he to me is like a method actor who over acts. Like an overacting method actor. I guess to give an example, it’s like he’s the Jim Carrey of method acting. I don’t necessarily like that comparison as I think Jim Carrey brings some positive uniqueness in his comedic overacting. He has done a few more dramatic roles in an interesting manner. As for Jared Leto, I wish him further success and hopefully he lands a role that brings out the best in his style but for my tastes, he’s too much in his roles.

I found to me his most memorable role to be that of the Joker in Suicide Squad although even then it felt a little pushed and was largely overshadowed by other actors, specifically Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn who really aced the role as not just another pretty face (she has that too) but as a genuinely convincing actress. I was surprised by her portrayal of that role. Jared Leto on the other hand did well in remaining true to what the comic book character version of Joker might be like though it felt like he tried a bit too hard to distinguish himself from Heath Ledger’s Joker, leaving him looking more like he was in a competition to be the best Joker than to actually be the Joker.

I know it sounds like a scathing review, heh. Can’t please everyone I guess. At the very least Jared Leto seems to have a following with the younger crowd and might just end up find a great role that suits him eventually. I wish him luck. Until then, most of his roles have been largely forgettable to me. Again, everyone has their own opinion, don’t hate me @Mr.Dre lol.


I thought it was okay.

Nirvana unplugged in New York is one of my favorite albums.


Yeah. Jared Leto is not that good looking. Well, I’m not either but…

Unplugged was the first album that i bought.i was really fan of kurt cobain.he also shaped my most of the suicidal idea at my teenage.i m still struggle at this thoughts.life is really getting meaningless when you listen kurt cobain.but i never regret to be fan of him.because for me this life is really grungey anyway.

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