January News In Tennessee

Our top news headline today is that there has been a huge snowstorm with 3 inches falling which has paralyzed the city. The roads are impassible because all the road salt was used for making country ham.
In other news there were a few drug busts with a crack bust in the city, a meth bust in the countryside, and a party busted with a bunch of private high school students for minors using alcohol. The crack and meth users are expected to be jailed. and the students will have to write essays on the dangers of alcohol abuse and sent to their rooms. Now the weather: It will be warming up a little this week with highs in the 60’s(F) by the end of the 7-day forecast melting the snow after it remaining on the ground a record 4 days… And now the sports: Everyone is bummed out because the football season is over expect in Memphis where the basketball season is in full swing. And finally a grandmother got pregnant today. She said she’ll raise the child like a good Christian.